Endara Mining Corporation - A Nationalised Company of the Hapes Consortium

Endara Mining Corporation

EMC MiningDue to very popular demand, the EMC is not accepting new public orders for raw materials. However, if you have dealt with us before, or have an on-going contract your service will continue.

We have been providing raw materials via the Centrepoint Market and will continue to do this for some time. All are welcome to purchase materials.

Endara Mining Corporation is one of the most respected mining corporations in the galaxy, having existed since year 5 and built on a solid foundation being one of Hapes Nationalised companies it is surely staying around for many generations to come. To view more about our past, read our history.

Endara Mining Corporation's main stockholders include Hapes Consortium, Danakin Turner and Ezarc Thorn, Kyle Croft and Alarendor Cyrus. Making the board of directors more directly involved in the profitablity of the corporation than many other companies similar to the EMC.